3D Modeling

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Our drafting office create 3D CAD Models

What is a 3D CAD Service?

A 3D CAD Service uses 3D CAD Software such as Solidworks, Inventor, Catia or Pro-E for creating components in 3D. 3D CAD packages (as the name suggest) create 3D CAD models first from which one then an produce:

  • Fully Dimensioned Drawings to BS 8888

  • Renders/Visualisations

  • 3D Print files (STL)

  • Interference Checks (Collisions, Alignment etc.)

  • Animations

The basis is always the 3D CAD Model.

What 3D CAD Modelling Services does A1 CAD Solutions  offer?

Most of our Designs start in 3D CAD, even though the drawings such as Manufacturing Drawings are 2D (so you can print them on paper). We only use 2D CAD (Autodesk AutoCad) for simple Mechanical & Electrical Drawings (MEP) as well as Schematics. Everything else gets created in 3D first, which is a far more efficient way to produce drawings these days.

Also relevenat is that changes to parts do not get carried out within the drawings but within the 3D CAD model. The Drawings update automatically (one might have to add/delete a dimension or two). However, one does not have to update all the drawings views and check that they all align.

The majority of our projects are carried out with Solidworks. We own several Solidworks licenses

Drawings Types that start of as 3D Models are:

  • Datasheets

  • Manufacturing Drawings

  • Fabrication Drawings

  • Patent Drawings

  • Shop Drawings