2D CAD Service

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Our CAD Drafting Services includes several types of 2D CAD Drawings

What are 2D CAD Drawings?

2D CAD Drawings  can be split into 3 Main Groups

1. Product Drawings (which include Manufacturing Drawings, Fabrication Drawings etc.)

2D CAD Drawings are still used by the majority of Fabricators & Manufacturers, even though that most 2D CAD drawings are created from 3D CAD Models. The information that a fabricator or manufacturer bases his work on is still the 2D Drawing. A drawing you can print out on paper and has all the information that is required.

2. Construction Drawings (which include Architectural Drawings, Floor Plans, M&E Drawings etc.)

As with the Product Drawings, installers, builders etc. work from 2D CAD Drawings (Drawings they can print out and read). Depending on the type of drawing required these can either start in 3D (Floor Plans, Elevations etc, Pipe Runs) or in case of Mechanical  and Electrical  Drawings show symbols (Switches, Sockets etc.) on a 2D Floor Plan.

3. Line Drawings (which would include Schematic, MAP Drawings, Simple Layout Drawings)

These drawing are created in CAD Packages such as Autodesk AutoCad

What 2D CAD Drawings does A1 CAD Solutions offer?

As said of most our 2D Drawings start their live as a 3D CAD model. We produce hight quality fully complaint drawings such as:

  • Concept Drawings
  • M&E Drawings
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Manufacturing Drawings
  • Patent Drawings
  • Schematic Drawings
  • Shop Drawings
  • Coordination Drawings